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	title        = {In search of subjective meaning in Swedish pseudocoordination},
	abstract     = {This study provides a discussion of the development of subjective meaning associated with the motion-verb pseudocoordination gå och V 'go/walk and V' and the posture-verb pseudocoordination sitta och V 'sit and V', using historical and present-day linguistic data. It is claimed that an interpretation in terms of item-based analogy and entrenchment of frequent meaning clusters is the most plausible analysis for the development of subjective (and pejorative) meaning associated with gå och V. The study of sitta och V is preliminary, but the results indicate that the subjective meaning of this construction is less entrenched than that of the gå och V construction and that the subjective overtone of subjectivity may be a result of the combination of the social/cultural meaning of the posture and certain intrinsically pejorative verbs, together with certain locatives.},
	booktitle    = {Pseudo-Coordination and Multiple Agreement Constructions},
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	title        = {Valency and constructions. Perspectives on combining words},
	abstract     = {This volume contains papers on the theme valency and constructions, including papers from an international workshop on the same topic held at the University of Gothenburg. The aim is to cover many aspects of the broad topic of valency and constructions. Different languages are represented, for example Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Swedish. Different perspectives on the topic can be identified: lexicographic, constructionist, event-structure, and frame semantics, to name but a few.},
	editor       = {Blensenius, Kristian},
	year         = {2022},
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	title        = {avokado-r/-er/-s/-sar},
	abstract     = {The article discusses lexicographic perspectives of the Swedish plural with the suffix -s. Traditionally, plural nouns ending in -s, for example avokados ‘avocados’, are considered colloquial
speech; the formal way of writing the plural in question is avokador or avokadoer. However, since
the Swedish Academy grammar included a noun declension indicating plurals with the suffix -s,
plural with -s seems to have become more accepted, at least among language planners.},
	booktitle    = {Live and Learn. Festschrift in honor of Lars Borin (red. Elena Volodina, Dana Dannélls, Aleksandrs Berdicevskis, Markus Forsberg & Shafqat Virk)},
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