torsdag 5 dec2019
Seminarium: Biomedical speech signal processing: concepts, algorithms, and Contemporary challenges
Den här sidan är inte översatt till svenska. Innehållet visas därför på engelska.
13:15 - 14:15
Stora konf. rum, Språkskrapan H821

(this event is part of the regular SB-seminar/research meeting slot)

Speaker: Athanasios Tsanas, Darth, U. of Edinburgh <>

Abstract: Speech signal analysis finds application in diverse settings, and biomedical speech signal analysis has been gaining increasing momentum in the last 10-15 years. In this talk, I will outline the key physiological aspects of the vocal production mechanism and focus on state of the art signal processing algorithms to quantify these potentially useful characteristics. My aim is to demonstrate how the extracted characteristics from speech signals can be combined with machine learning techniques to develop robust, automated decision support tools assisting experts on their day-to-day praxis in the context of medical applications and forensic applications. I will highlight contemporary challenges and areas for further development, whilst presenting work across different applications.