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Computational SLA

Computational SLA* (CompSLA for short) is an initiative for organizing a series of Shared Tasks with reference to second language (L2) learning. Its aim is to encourage languages that do not have extensive collections of  annotated learner data to take a step towards sharing that data with wider community and stimulating research around it.

The initiative was taken during a NLP4CALL workshop in 2021 (see slides).

*SLA = Second Language Acquisition


First CompSLA task

Currently, a group of researchers representing L2 datasets for Czech, English, German, Italian and Swedish are working on the preparation of the first shared task.


The intended venue is NLP4CALL-2023, co-located with the Nodalida conference in Faeroe Islands.

Task definition


Targeted languages and datasets



Contact: Elena Volodina < elena . volodina @ svenska . gu . se >