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Computational SLA

Computational SLA* (CompSLA for short) is an initiative for organizing a series of Shared Tasks with reference to second language (L2) learning. Its aim is to encourage languages that do not have extensive collections of  annotated learner data to take a step towards sharing that data with wider community and stimulating research around it.

The initiative was taken during a NLP4CALL workshop in 2021 (see slides).

*SLA = Second Language Acquisition


First shared task: MultiGED-2023

Currently, a group of researchers representing L2 datasets for Czech, English, German, Italian and Swedish are working on the preparation of the first shared task, which will take place during Spring term 2023 and will be reported at NLP4CALL workshop co-located with Nodalida in Faroe islands.

Task: Multilingual Grammatical Error Detection.

More information at the web-page for the task


CompSLA organizers

Contact: Elena Volodina < elena . volodina @ svenska . gu . se >