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	abstract     = {We describe how to embed a simple typed functional logic programming language in Haskell. The embedding is a natural extension of the Prolog embedding by Seres and Spivey. To get full static typing we need to use the Haskell extensions of quantified types and the ST-monad.},
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	abstract     = {In this paper we present a calculus for reasoning mathematically about rule-based dialogue systems – so called dialogue move engines
developed in the TRINDI project. The calculus is similar to term rewriting systems and dynamic logic. It is defined using monads, which
are used for describing programming languages, and in functional programming to capture computations with side-effects.},
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	abstract     = {This paper accompanies a demo of the GoDiS system. Work on this system was reported at IJCAI-99 (Bohlin et al., 1999). GoDiS is a prototype dialogue system for information-seeking dialogue, capable of accommodating questions and tasks to enable the user to present information in any desired order, without explicitly naming the dialogue task. GoDiS is implemented using the TRINDIKIT software package, which enables implementation of these behaviours in a compact and natural way.},
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